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標題: Evaluation of an intestinal Lactobacillus reuteri strain expressing rumen fungal xylanase as a probiotic for broiler chickens fed on a wheat-based diet
作者: Liu, J.R.
余 碧
Lai, S.F.
Yu, B.
關鍵字: performance;acid;supplementation;morphology;digestion;ammonia;enzymes
Project: British Poultry Science
期刊/報告no:: British Poultry Science, Volume 48, Issue 4, Page(s) 507-514.
1. This study was conducted to evaluate the feasibility of using a transformed Lactobacillus reuteri Pg4 strain harbouring a rumen fungal xylanase gene as a probiotic supplement in a wheat-based poultry diet. 2. A total of 400 broiler chicks was allocated to two treatment groups with or without supplementation with 10 6 colony forming units ( cfu)/ g of transformed L. reuteri Pg4 in a wheat-based regimen to investigate the performance, intestinal microflora populations, digesta viscosity and excreta ammonia concentrations in these broiler chickens. 3. Supplementation of the wheat- based diet with transformed L. reuteri Pg4 decreased intestinal viscosity, caecal coliform population, and increased body weight gain and ileal villus height and crypt depth from 0 to 21 d of age. It also decreased excreta ammonia concentrations, and increased the caecal total volatile fatty acid ( VFA) and lactic acid concentrations from 0 to 21 d and 22 to 37 d of age. 4. Further, it was demonstrated that 40% of the Lactobacillus cells randomly isolated from the digesta of the ileum and caecum of the supplemented group possessed xylanase secretion capability. 5. It appears reasonable to assume, therefore, that the derived benefit is a result of the organism surviving, and the associated performance of some function in the intestinal tract which benefits gut health.
ISSN: 0007-1668
DOI: 10.1080/00071660701485034
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