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標題: Effect of dietary supplementation of beta-1,3-1,6-glucan on reproductive performance and immunity of New Zealand White does and their pups
作者: Wu, H.H.
余 碧
Weng, B.B.C.
Chen, K.L.
Chiou, P.W.S.
Yu, B.
關鍵字: Rabbit;Reproduction;beta-1,3-1,6-glucan;Immunity;growth-performance;beta-glucan;weanling pigs;rabbits;enhancement;resistance;pregnancy;balance;swine
Project: Livestock Science
期刊/報告no:: Livestock Science, Volume 135, Issue 1, Page(s) 70-75.
The study was conducted to investigate the effects of dietary beta-1,3-1,6-glucan supplementation on the reproductive performance and immunity of New Zealand White breeding does and their pups. Thirty pregnant multiparous New Zealand White does were randomly assigned to three dietary treatments: 0 (control). 0.064% beta-1,3-1,6-glucan or 0.128% beta-1,3-1,6-glucan dietary supplementation from day 14 of gestation to day 28 of lactation. The 0.128% dietary beta-1,3-1,6-glucan supplementation caused reduced (P<0.05) feed intake from day 14 to day 28 of gestation. The swelling response 24 and 48 h after injection of phytohemoagglutinin-P showed that does fed with 0.064% dietary beta-1.3-1,6-glucan had lower (P<0.05) swelling response than the control group. Serum IgG and IgM concentrations of does were significantly higher during pregnancy than during lactation. Compared to the controls, does fed with 0.128% beta-1,3-1,6-glucan had reduced serum IgM concentrations at day 21 of gestation and day 3 of lactation. They had significantly reduced serum IgG at day 28 of gestation but increased serum IgG at day 3 of lactation. Serum IgM and IgG concentrations in supplemented does were higher (P<0.05) than controls at day 28 of lactation. Both CD4(+) and CD8(+) T lymphocyte subsets were lowest at day 28 of gestation. There were no treatment effects on the three types of lymphocytes. Subsets of CD4(+) in the weanling pups were higher (P<0.05) for the 0.064% beta-1,3-1,6-glucan supplementation group than the other two groups. In conclusion, dietary supplementation of beta-1,3-1,6-glucan reduced feed intake during the first 14 days but had no adverse effects on the reproductive performance and body weight of does. Dietary supplementation with 0.064% beta-1,3-1,6-glucan significantly inhibited delayed-type immune reaction of Th1 and significantly reduced serum IgG concentration of does at the late gestation stage but increased serum IgM and IgG concentrations at the late lactation stage. (C) 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
ISSN: 1871-1413
DOI: 10.1016/j.livsci.2010.06.008
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