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標題: Enhancement of intrinsic emission from ultrathin ZnO films using Si nanopillar template
作者: Chiang, Tun-Yuan
Dai, Ching-Liang
關鍵字: Ultrathin films;ZnO;Nanopillars;Atomic layer deposition;Photoluminescence
Project: Nanoscale Research Letters,Volume 7, Issue 1
Highly efficient room-temperature ultraviolet (UV) luminescence is obtained in heterostructures consisting of
10-nm-thick ultrathin ZnO films grown on Si nanopillars fabricated using self-assembled silver nanoislands as a
natural metal nanomask during a subsequent dry etching process. Atomic layer deposition was applied for
depositing the ZnO films on the Si nanopillars under an ambient temperature of 200�C. Based on measurements of
photoluminescence (PL), an intensive UV emission corresponding to free-exciton recombination (approximately
3.31 eV) was observed with a nearly complete suppression of the defect-associated, broad-range visible emission
peak. As compared to the ZnO/Si substrate, the almost five-times-of-magnitude enhancement in the intensity of PL,
which peaked around 3.31 eV in the present ultrathin ZnO/Si nanopillars, is presumably attributed to the high
surface/volume ratio inherent to the Si nanopillars. This allowed considerably more amount of ZnO material to be
grown on the template and led to markedly more efficient intrinsic emission.
ISSN: 1556-276X
DOI: 10.1186/1556-276X-7-263
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