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標題: RAPD fingerprinting for the species identification of animals
作者: Huang, M.C.
Horng, Y.M.
Huang, H.L.
Sin, Y.L.
Chen, M.J.
關鍵字: genomic DNA;RAPD-PCR;polymorphism;fingerprinting;species;identification;linked-immunosorbent-assay;meat-products;dna polymorphisms;markers;beef;hybridization;primers;cooking;origin;breed
Project: Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences
期刊/報告no:: Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences, Volume 16, Issue 10, Page(s) 1406-1410.
The studies were based on the RAPD fingerprinting for the species identification of animals. The genomic DNA samples of ostriches, Taiwan local chickens, Aboracres broilers, Leghorn chickens, quails, doves, emus, Beltville small white turkeys, pheasants, Chinese geese, mule ducks, Holstein cattle and Landrace pigs were amplified with random primers by RAPD-PCR for fingerprinting. The results showed that the varied band patterns of DNA fingerprints were generated from templates depending on the kinds of primers or animal species. The same primer applied to the same breed, all of the main bands are similar, but which were different among species. In Order to try to identify the species from the mixture of meat by RAPD fingerprinting, the meat of ostrich and cattle was mixed in different ratios for this study. The results showed that it could be easily and precisely distinguished according to the band distribution of RAPD patterns.
ISSN: 1011-2367
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