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標題: Vegetation recovery patterns assessment at landslides caused by catastrophic earthquake: A case study in central Taiwan
作者: Chou, W.C.
Lin, W.T.
Lin, C.Y.
關鍵字: Landslide hazard assessment;Vegetation recovery pattern analysis;Self-organizing map (SOM);Fuzzy technique;remotely-sensed data;hazard;gis;dynamics;classification;europe;ndvi
Project: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
期刊/報告no:: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, Volume 152, Issue 1-4, Page(s) 245-257.
The catastrophic earthquake, 7.3 on the Richter scale, occurred on September 21, 1999 in Central Taiwan. Much of standing vegetation on slopes was eliminated and massive, scattered landslides were induced at the Jou-Jou Mountain area of the Wu-Chi basin in Nantou County. We evaluated three methods for assessing landslide hazard and vegetation recovery conditions. (1) Self-organizing map (SOM) neural network coupled with fuzzy technique was used to quickly extract the landslide. (2) The NDVI-based vegetation recovery index derived from multi-temporal SPOT satellite images was used to evaluate vegetation recovery rate in the denudation sites. (3) The spatial distribution index (SDI) based on land-cover topographic location was employed to analyze vegetation recovery patterns, including the invading, surviving and mixed patterns at the Jou-Jou Mountain area. On September 27, 1999, there were 849.20 ha of landslide area extracted using the self-organizing map and fuzzy technique combined model. After six years of natural vegetation succession, the landslide has gradually restored, and vegetation recovery rate reached up to 86%. On-site observation shows that many native pioneer plants have invaded onto the denudation sites even if disturbed by several typhoons. Two native surviving plants, Arundo formosana Hack and Pinus taiwanensis Hayata, play a vital role in natural vegetation succession in this area, especially for the sites on ridgeline and steep slopes.
ISSN: 0167-6369
DOI: 10.1007/s10661-008-0312-8
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