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標題: Pervaporation performance and Transport phenomenon of PVA blend membranes for the separation of THF/water azeotropic mixtures
作者: Rao, P.S.
Sridhar, S.
Wey, M.Y.
Krishnaiah, A.
關鍵字: ethanol-water mixtures;poly(vinyl alcohol) membranes;acetic-acid;composite membranes;polymer membranes;organic liquids;natural-rubber;diffusion;dehydration;permeation
Project: Polymer Bulletin
期刊/報告no:: Polymer Bulletin, Volume 59, Issue 2, Page(s) 289-297.
Dense polymer membranes were made by mixing aqueous solutions of hydrophilic polymers poly( vinyl alcohol) ( PVA) and polyethyleneimine ( PEI) in different ratios for investigating the separation of Tetrahydrofuran (THF)/water azeotropic mixtures by pervaporation ( PV). In order to gain a more detailed picture of the molecular transport phenomenon, we have performed sorption gravimetric experiments at 30 degrees C to compute diffusion, swelling, sorption and permeability coefficients of PVA/PEI membranes in the presence of THF and water. The membranes were found to have good potential for breaking the azeotrope of THF at 6% concentration of water. An increase in PVA content in the blend caused a reduction in the flux and an increase in selectivity. Among the blends tested in the study, the 5: 1 PVA/ PEI blend membrane showed the highest separation factor of 181.5, exhibited a flux of 1.28 kg/ m(2)h for THF respectively at azeotropic feed composition.
ISSN: 0170-0839
DOI: 10.1007/s00289-007-0769-6
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