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標題: Operating parameters of autothermal pyrolysis of plastic waste in a fluidized bed
作者: Wey, M.Y.
Lo, C.S.
Wu, S.Y.
Lee, Y.T.
關鍵字: plastic;autothermal pyrolysis;fluidized bed;thermal-degradation;kinetics;model;tires;coal
Project: Waste Management & Research
期刊/報告no:: Waste Management & Research, Volume 16, Issue 1, Page(s) 72-82.
In this study, polyethylene was pyrolysed in the fluidized-bed pyrolysis system in a limited oxygen supply. Thus, the heat to pyrolyse the polyethylene was made available by partial incineration of the polyethylene, which can be referred to as autothermal pyrolysis. The fluidised bed was selected as the reactor owing to its high capacity, homogeneity and low tar content. Experimental parameters evaluated included the effect of: (1) the pyrolysis temperatures; (2) the air factors; and (3) the catalyst on the liquid hydrocarbon (gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, residual) formation, and B. T. X. (benzene, tolu ene! xylene) concentration in gasoline. Moreover, the primary composition in gasoline was analyzed. The results indicated that it is practical to recover oil from plastic waste using the autothermal pyrolysis system.
ISSN: 0734-242X
DOI: 10.1177/0734242x9801600109
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