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標題: Sediment removal efficiency of siphon dredging with wedge-type suction head and float tank
作者: Chen, S.C.
Wang, S.C.
Wu, C.H.
關鍵字: Siphon dredging;Sediment removal;Wedge-type suction head;Side hole;Float tank
Project: International Journal of Sediment Research
期刊/報告no:: International Journal of Sediment Research, Volume 25, Issue 2, Page(s) 149-160.
Siphon dredging with a float tank and different siphon suction heads, including the plain-type and wedge-type with/without side holes, through flume experiments were used to investigate the reservoir sediment removal efficiency. The experiment revealed maximum suction pressure and velocity when the distance from the suction head to the bed was about 25% of suction head diameter. Suction pressure decreased rapidly as the distance from the suction head to the bed increased to 50% and 100% of suction head diameter. Suction pressure achieved by wedge-type suction head was only 16.9-17.6% of that around plain-type suction head, and the velocity around wedge-type suction head was 64.7-68.4% of that around plain-type suction head. However the plain-type suction head was easily clogged doe to its long bobbing period. The average bobbing period for the plain-type suction head was about 105-263% that of the wedge-type suction head. The sediment removal efficiency was achieved when float tank diameter was 3-4 times that of the suction head. Flow discharge and sediment removal increased as the suction head diameter and side hole diameter increased, respectively. The most efficient side hole area was an area within 15% of suction head area. Totally, the optimal sediment removal efficiency was the wedge angle of 20 degrees with 3 side holes. The efficiency of sediment dredging by siphon suction with a suction tube passing through the dam bottom was better than that with suction passing over the top of the dam. The wedge-type siphon suction with a float tank is preferable for sediment dredging in small reservoirs because it is inexpensive and efficient.
ISSN: 1001-6279
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