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標題: CO2 capture from gas stream by zeolite 13X using a dual-column temperature/vacuum swing adsorption
作者: Su, Fengsheng
Lu, Chungsying
Project: Energy & Environmental Science, Volume 10, page(s) 9021-9027.
A dual-column temperature/vacuum swing adsorption (TVSA) with zeolite 13X was built to study
cyclic CO2 capture from a gas stream. The adsorption capacities and the physicochemical properties of
13X were preserved through 100 cycles of adsorption–desorption operation, displaying the stability of
13X for cyclic TVSA. The desorbed CO2 concentration could reach above 90%, which is practical for
further utilization or permanent storage. The heat input required to regenerate spent 13X was low,
reflecting an energy-efficient CO2 adsorbent. A statistical analysis on the adsorbent cost of CO2 capture
revealed that the 13X could be cost-effective after extensive TVSA cycling. 13X showed less moisture
sensitivity below 30 C and showed a stable adsorption performance for CO2 under humid conditions.
These results suggest that a dual-column TVSA with solid 13X is has the possibility to be a promising
CO2 capture technology.
ISSN: 1754-5692
DOI: 10.1039/c2ee22647b
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