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標題: Identification and characterization of Apple stem grooving virus causing leaf distortion on pear (Pyrus pyrifolia) in Taiwan
作者: Wu, Z.B.
Zheng, Y.X.
Su, C.C.
Chang, C.J.
Jan, F.J.
關鍵字: ASGV;Capillovirus;Rosaceae;Pome fruit;Pear disease;Phylogenetic;analysis;purification;trees;sequence;isolate;gene
Project: European Journal of Plant Pathology
期刊/報告no:: European Journal of Plant Pathology, Volume 128, Issue 1, Page(s) 71-79.
A putative virus-induced disease of pear (Pyrus pyrifolia var. Hengshen) showing symptoms of reduced size of foliage and leaf distortion was observed in orchards in central Taiwan in 2004. The sap of symptomatic leaf samples reacted positively to an antiserum against Apple stem grooving virus (ASGV). Two virus cultures, designated as TS1 and TS2, were isolated from symptomatic pears. Flexuous filamentous virions of similar to 12 x 600 nm were observed in symptomatic pear leaves and purified virus preparations. Results of back inoculation of pear seedlings with TS1 revealed that ASGV was the causal agent of the disease. Sequence analyses of the cloned coat protein (CP) genes of TS1 and TS2 shared 88-92.4% nucleotide and 90.7-97.1% amino acid identities with those of other ASGV isolates available in GenBank. The polyclonal antibody generated against ASGV TS1 has been routinely used for the detection of the ASGV-infection in the imported pear scions for quarantine purpose via enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs). One of 1,199 samples of pear scions imported from Japan during 2005-2007 was identified as ASGV-positive and the virus was designated as AGJP-22. The CP gene amplified from this AGJP-22 shared 97.9-98.3% amino acid identities to those of the domestic isolates and they were closely related phylogenetically. To date, these data present for the first time conclusive evidence revealing that ASGV is indeed the causal agent of the pear disease displaying symptoms of reduced size of foliage and leaf distortion in Taiwan.
ISSN: 0929-1873
DOI: 10.1007/s10658-010-9631-z
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