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標題: Microscale Patterning of Thermoplastic Polymer Surfaces by Selective Solvent Swelling
作者: Rahmanian, Omid
Chen, Chien-Fu
Don, L.DeVoe
Project: Langmuir, Volume 28, Issue 35, page(s) 12923–12929.
A new method for the fabrication of microscale features in
thermoplastic substrates is presented. Unlike traditional thermoplastic microfabrication
techniques, in which bulk polymer is displaced from the substrate by
machining or embossing, a unique process termed orogenic microfabrication has
been developed in which selected regions of a thermoplastic surface are raised
from the substrate by an irreversible solvent swelling mechanism. The orogenic
technique allows thermoplastic surfaces to be patterned using a variety of
masking methods, resulting in three-dimensional features that would be difficult
to achieve through traditional microfabrication methods. Using cyclic olefin
copolymer as a model thermoplastic material, several variations of this process
are described to realize growth heights ranging from several nanometers to tens
of micrometers, with patterning techniques include direct photoresist masking,
patterned UV/ozone surface passivation, elastomeric stamping, and noncontact
spotting. Orogenic microfabrication is also demonstrated by direct inkjet printing as a facile photolithography-free masking
method for rapid desktop thermoplastic microfabrication.
DOI: 10.1021/la302704t
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