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標題: A constant-force bistable mechanism for force regulation and overload protection
作者: Pham, Huy-Tuan
Wang, Dung-An
關鍵字: Bistable;Constant-force mechanism;Overload protection
出版社: Elsevier Ltd.
Project: Mechanism and Machine Theory, Volume 46, Issue 7, Page(s) 899-909.
A novel constant-force bistable mechanism (CFBM) allowing constant contact force and overload protection is developed. When a device equipped with a CFBM is loaded by an unknown force exceeding a critical force of the CFBM, the CFBM can snap to its other stable equilibrium state to safeguard the device. The bistability of the mechanism originates from combined compression and bending of the beam structures. Finite element analyses are used to characterize the constant-force behavior and bistability of the mechanism under static loading. A design formulation is proposed to find the CFBM shape for a specified displacement range with constant output force of the mechanism. Prototypes of the CFBM are fabricated and tested. The characteristics of the CFBM predicted by theory are verified by experiments. Using the CFBM, sophisticated sensors and control system for force regulation of machining systems can be eliminated.
ISSN: 0094-114X
DOI: 10.1016/j.mechmachtheory.2011.02.008
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