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標題: Nitride-based high power flip-chip near-UV LEDs with reflective submount
作者: Shen, C.F.
Chang, S.J.
Ko, T.K.
Shei, S.C.
Lai, W.C.
Chang, C.S.
Chen, W.S.
Huang, S.P.
Ku, Y.W.
Horng, R.H.
關鍵字: light-emitting-diodes;room-temperature;ingan;gan;nm;emission;contacts
Project: Iet Optoelectronics
期刊/報告no:: Iet Optoelectronics, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page(s) 27-30.
Nitride-based high power flip-chip near-ultraviolet (UV) light emitting diodes (LEDs) with a reflective mirror are fabricated by depositing Al onto a Si submount. It is demonstrated that the Al layer coated onto a Si submount can effectively reflect downward emitting photons for flip-chip LEDs. Although the operation voltage of the proposed LEDs is slightly increased, it is found that the output power is at least 30% higher than that of conventional LEDs. It is also found that flip-chip near-UV LEDs are more reliable than conventional non-flip-chip LEDs.
ISSN: 1751-8768
DOI: 10.1049/iet-opt:20060003
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