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標題: Improved cochannel interference cancellation for MFSK/FH-SSMA systems
作者: Lin, S.Y.
Yang, G.C.
Tseng, S.C.
Hong, C.F.
關鍵字: spread spectrum multiple access (SSMA);frequency hop (FH);communication;cochannel interference cancellation (CCI);hopped multilevel fsk;scheme;radio
Project: Ieee Journal on Selected Areas in Communications
期刊/報告no:: Ieee Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, Volume 17, Issue 11, Page(s) 1940-1952.
There has been much interest in the application of frequency hopping-spread spectrum multiple access (FH-SSMA) to wireless systems because of its frequency diversity and resistance to the near-far problem. In FH-SSMA systems, cochannel interference (CCI) is the dominant factor limiting the user capacity. Various techniques used to resolve the CCI problem have been extensively investigated. In this paper, we propose several multiuser detection schemes based on canceling CCI to increase user capacity in a multilevel frequency shift keying (MFSK)/FH-SSMA system. The performance of systems with the proposed interference cancellers over a Rayleigh fading channel are analyzed and compared with those of the conventional and other interference canceller. Our results show that the proposed schemes have the best performance in both nonfading and fading channels.
ISSN: 0733-8716
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