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標題: Technical Manual of Decision of Groundwater Usage
作者: 黃添坤
關鍵字: 土木水利工程類, 公共行政;Groundwater;地下水;Groundwater Usage;地下水水權;應用研究
The water usage is increasing recently in TAIWAN. The groundwater as well as surface water is developed for use. The groundwater is especially extracted in great quantities because it is cheaper and reliable. The over-extraction of groundwater will result in ground settlement. Furthermore, the seawater intrusion and salty soil might occur in the coastal areas. Therefore, how to control the development and use of groundwater with the provision of administrative procedures to regulate the groundwater usage in the registration is worthwhile to do the research. In the development of surface water or groundwater, the registration of water usage is needed. The administrative procedures in the regulation of water usage and performance details can be found in the water conservancy act as references of the decision of water usage for the related authorized institutes. However, the technical aspects in the regulation of water usage are not provided in a systematic way. They are distributed randomly in some reference books or reports. Furthermore, the measuring variations of the water levels of groundwater monitoring wells are not incorporated in practical application of the decision of groundwater usage. For the shortage of technical aspects in the decision of groundwater usage, this project will aim at the collection of geological condition and hydrological information of groundwater, summarization of potential modal of groundwater and control method of safety yield of groundwater with a unit of county or municipal of authority on groundwater usage. Besides, the fundamentals of groundwater, the characteristics of pumping and calculation of pumping horsepower, the relationship among pumping horsepower, well diameter, dynamic head and discharging rate, etc are also included in this project. Finally, all the results above will be assembled in the technical manual of decision of groundwater usage to provide the authorized institutes as a reference in the decision of groundwater usage.

台灣地區用水量逐年增加,除地面水源之使用外,也開發地下水源,由於地下水之來源可靠且費用低廉,因此競相被大量抽取利用,造成水位急劇下降,繼而導致地層下陷,而在沿海地區,更因而引發海水倒灌,造成土壤及地下水鹽化等嚴重問題。因此如何管制地下水源的開發與利用,配合水權登記時核定裁量之行政作業程序加以執行,是值得探討之研究議題。 不論地面水源或地下水源開發之利用均需依規定辦理水權登記,水權登記業務之行政處理程序在水利法及其施行細則已有詳細規定足供各水權主管機關依循,但對於水權核定裁量之技術方法,雖其學理根據散見於相關典籍或於研究報告有所探討,卻無加以有系統的整理分析,也未與目前地下水水文觀測資料加以結合,以提供水權核辦實務上之應用。 針對地下水權在核定裁量技術層面之相關研究有所不足,本計畫擬蒐集台灣地區已有之地質條件及地下水文觀測資料,以縣市為分區單位,整理地下水供水之潛能模式及地下水安全出水量之管制方式。此外,本計畫亦將針對地下水基本理論、抽水機特性與馬力計算、抽水機馬力、水井管徑、揚程與出水量之關係及地下水水權技術層面核辦作業方法建置等主題加以探討研究。最終,將上述各項作業成果彙集成「地下水水權登記核辦技術手冊」,以提供地下水水權主管機關作為發水權之參考。
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