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標題: 即時主動土石流監測與預警系統
A Real Time and Active Monitoring and Warning System for Debris Flow
作者: 閻嘉義
關鍵字: 防災工程, 土木水利工程類;應用研究
The object of this project is to test a recently developed early warning system for debris flow, namely, "Real Time and Active Monitoring and Warning System for Debris Flow". The instrument installation procedures involve constructing a modeling testing site, mounting the sensors, in-situ signal receiving and lunching systems, and intermediate signal transferring systems. The effectiveness of the sensors and the sensitivity and stability of the in-situ signal management system shall be examined afterwards. The basic behavior of the debris flow obtained from the testing site shall also be used for further studying of debris flow.

其他識別: 91農科-1.3.1-保-S1(14)
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