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標題: Recycling of Reservoir Fine Sediments and Power Plant Bottom Ash
作者: 陳豪吉
關鍵字: 應用研究;土木水利工程類, 環保工程
This research aims to recycle the fine sediments gathered from the reservoirs and the bottom ash of the power-stations that belong to the Taiwan Power Company as the materials of sintered lightweight aggregates. The applications of lightweight aggregate concrete were investigated in the meanwhile. Finally, the advertisement and popularization of lightweight aggregate concrete will be accomplished. After the study is finished, the problem of final treatment for the by-products from the Taiwan Power Company will obviously improved, and the lack of natural resources will be solved. Hence the Taiwan Power Company could obtain plenty economic benefits form decreasing the cost of processing and transporting of the bottom ash and sludge. Otherwise, the reputation of the Taiwan Power Company will be enhanced because of the concept of environmental protection and the policy of resource recycling.

其他識別: TPC-601-93-4831
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