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標題: Investigation on the Development of Concrete Cracking for Power Structures and the Preventive Strategies.
作者: 顏聰
關鍵字: 土木水利工程類;應用研究
Investigation on the development of concrete cracking for power structures and the preventive strategies.High strength high performance concrete is often utilized in constructing the power structures to meet the requirements of high strength, durability and abrasion resistance. In this project the high performance concrete containing pozzolanic material of silica fume will be taken as primary material to investigate the shrinkage deformation and cracking characteristics at early stage. Appropriate testing methods cooporated with suitable test variables are selected to effectively cover all influence factors. The measured interior temperature of concrete and the development of crack are adopted for evaluating the material factors, environmental factors and their interactions of the cracking of concrete. A fiber optic sensor system is then developed for the assessment experiment of main control variables of high performance concrete. From the serially detected data the developing process of crack and the time effect of influence factors are analyzed for the reference of proposing a preventive strategy. In addition, based on the developed fiber optic sensor system, a measuring system suitable for a long time monitoring of power structures will be designed and applied to effectively maintain their security and durability in service life.

其他識別: TPC-601-93-4832
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