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標題: 逕流分析及簡易土壤沖蝕量推估模式之建立
Study on Runoff Analysis and Simplified Soil Erosion Models Establishment
作者: 陳榮松
關鍵字: 應用研究;Terraced Paddy Field;土木水利工程類, 農田水利類;水稻梯田;土壤沖蝕;降雨逕流分析;Soil Erosio;Rainfall-runoff Analysis

Terraced paddy field can save the amount of water in the farmland, defer the reach time of peak discharge and cut runoff down to keep soil from running off, and provide the functions such as soil preservation, water conservation, water preservation. Establishing the local experimental catchment of terraced paddy field in Taiwan to build up rainfall-runoff analysis and soil erosion evaluation models, not only could be provided for the reference of policy to protect terraced paddy field, but also be take to quantify the soil erosion amount of terraced paddy field to reveal the function for territory preservation. However, the objects of study almost be centralized in plain paddy field and slopping dry farmland, terraced paddy field is very rare to take. In view of this situation, this study will be carried on based on pre-built experimental catchment of terraced paddy field, hydrological data collected from hydrological stations and the preliminary analysis result of the relationship of rainfall and soil erosion to study the topics such as the rainfall-runoff analysis model for terraced paddy field, the hydrological characteristics in different land use of terraced paddy field, the relationship of rainfall and runoff and soil suspended load, feasibility study on soil suspended load evaluation by rainfall-runoff analysis model, deeply and widely to try to establish a rainfall-runoff analysis and simplified soil erosion model suitable for the terraced paddy field in Taiwan and provide the reference of policy for territory preservation.
其他識別: 98農科-7.4.1-利-b1(16)
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