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標題: 利用光纖都普勒流速儀進行室內明渠流中透水四面體框架附近之水流特性量測研究
Laboratory Investigation of Flow Characteristics near Pervious Tetrahedron Frames in Open Channel Flows Using a FLDV
作者: 盧昭堯
關鍵字: 土木水利工程類;基礎研究
近年來透水結構物(框網、框型透水潛堤、透水四面體等)於水利工程設計之應用有增加之趨勢,其特點為減速促淤,在拋投區可達到減少沖刷之效果。惟目前文獻中,關於透水結構物如何增加消能功效,及其水力特性與減沖促淤機制之深入研究,則誠屬有限。本研究擬以二維光纖都普勒流速儀進行透水四面體之流場特性研究,分別探討淺水及深水時(水深小於或大於透水四面體高度),透水四面體之減速緩流機制及其影響範圍。為提高研究價值,本研究第一年( 2008 年8 月 ~ 2009 年7 月) 針對單一透水四面體於浸沒與未浸沒兩種情況下,進行定量流流場之量測及分析;第二年( 2009 年8 月 ~ 2010 年7 月) 則進行透水框架群之減速緩流試驗,除於完全發展段與框架附近進行流場觀測分析外,並將針對浸沒及未浸沒兩種情況,進行阻力係數之分析。本研究完成後將有助於吾人對透水四面體結構物於明渠流中,減沖促淤機制之瞭解,並可供相關沖刷防制應用之參考。

The use of pervious hydraulic structures in the hydraulic engineering design has anincreasing trend in the recent years. The main characteristics of these pervioushydraulic structures is that they may generate turbulence, retard the flows and inducesediment deposition near the structures. However, basic research for the relatedmechanism and physical processes is still limited.In this study, a series of laboratory experiments is to be carried out to investigate theflow characteristics near the tetrahedron frames in open channel flows using a 2-D FLDV.During the first year of the study, the steady flow fields near a tetrahedron frame will bemeasured and analyzed for both the submerged and unsubmerged conditions. Duringthe second year of the study, the flow fields near a group of tetrahedron frames in steadyopen channel flows will be investigated. The variations of the drag coefficients androughness coefficients with flow parameters will also be analyzed for both thesubmerged and unsubmerged conditions.The proposed study is useful for clarifying the important physical mechanismrelating to the turbulence generation and flow retardation induced by the pervioustetrahedron frames. In addition, the results may also offer valuable information for thescour prevention designs.
其他識別: NSC98-2221-E005-065
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