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標題: 具消波室新型防波堤的研發(II)
The Research and Development of a New Type Breakwater with Wave-Absorbing Chamber (II)
作者: 蔡清標
關鍵字: 土木水利工程類;技術發展
理想的防波堤,其斷面應能充份吸收入射波浪能量,具低反射率、高消能、低透過及低波壓,造型簡單、具優美景觀且無施工上的困難,同時具有良好的安定性,如能兼顧生態復育則更為理想。本產學合作計畫,希望結合學術研究及產業界豐富的工程設計經驗,擬以三年為期,研發適用於台灣海域波浪特性的新型防波堤。本計畫初步擬定兩種新型的防波堤斷面,所擬研發的防波堤主要為沉箱結構體,但在海側部份設計有一消波艙(wave-absorbing chamber),消波艙前壁具有矩形條狀開孔,並具斜式或圓弧式之艙頂,目的在提高消減波能、減低水平波力之作用。本計畫,擬以斷面水工模型試驗,並配合RANS 和RNG 水理數值模式方式進行研究,將探討消波艙之寬度及矩形開孔率與波浪的關係。新型防波堤的消波成效將由堤前波浪反射率、堤面波壓分佈特性、及堤前波浪流場的特性評估之。研究成果將具產業實用性,預期將可應用於港灣新建、擴建或改建工程,提升我國港灣工程之技術水準。

For an ideal breakwater, its section should be able to absorb or dissipate the incident wave energy andwith low wave-reflection, high wave-energy dissipation, low wave-transmission and low wave-pressureaction. This three-year project is aimed to develop new type breakwaters to be applicable in the harborengineering in Taiwan. Basically, the section of the new breakwater is considered as a caisson type but witha wave-absorbing chamber in the front part of the caisson. The wave chamber is designed with multiplerectangular-slits in the front wall for the purpose of high efficiency of wave energy absorption and largereduction of the wave pressure action on the breakwater. The chamber with inclined or arc shape on the top,it is not only to dissipate the wave energy but the vertical component of wave force is expected to increasethe stability of the structure. A series of model test will be conducted in a two-dimensional wave flume. TheRANS associated with RNG turbulentmodel will also be applied to investigate the flow characteristics infront of the breakwater. The optimum width and porosity of the chamber will be obtained by theexperimental and numerical investigations. The coefficient of wave reflection from the breakwater and thewave pressure distribution will be analyzed to access the applicability of the new type breakwater. It isexpected that the research will be having some contribution for the harbor engineering.
其他識別: NSC99-2622-E005-002-CC1
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