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標題: 細菌應用於混凝土修復及淤泥固結之開發研究(2/2)
Application of bacteria in concrete repairment and sludge solidification
作者: 陳豪吉
關鍵字: 應用研究;土木水利工程類, 生物技術, 地球科學類, 水土資源保育;Sludge solidification;淤泥固化;細菌;混凝土;Bacteria;Concrete

The subjects of environmental protection and ecological construction have become the mainstream consciousness for the engineering projects in recent years. It reverses the concept that waste can only be thrown away, and marches towards the idea of resource reuse to reduce the impact on the natural environment. Large number of CO2 produced during the cement manufacture process lead to the greenhouse effects of environmental protection. Therefore, the ecological development trend in the whole world focuses on the reduction the amount of cement. However, the target for recent research is to get the balance between human development and protection of the natural environment.Foreign research groups of civil material and environmental engineering, combining with those of microbiologist and geology chemistry have been used bacterium to solidify sludge to become the sandstone-like materials. The research aimed to use the growth process of microorganism to solidify sludge and soil in the short time, and that it produced a part of strength to apply in the construction. Besides, the structure crevice was used microorganism to repair which could save large number construction maintenance cost.The result of research uses bacterium to solidify sludge which applies in the construction. It can solve the problem of water conservancy structure crevice, place of sludge and environmental protection of using large amount of cement.
其他識別: MOEAWRA0990332
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