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標題: 通過離散樹木之流場數值模擬研究
Analytical and Numerical Studies of Flow Past Discrete Trees
作者: 方富民
關鍵字: 土木水利工程類;應用研究

Planting pedestrian trees in building areas can commonly upgrade thelandscape of the territories. Moreover, as the trees can affect the localmicro-meteorology, a good planning of planting can also improve the windenvironment. For the wind flow analysis during the preliminary design stage,wind tunnel experiments are mostly carried out to assess the surrounding flowfield at the pedestrian level. However, a great deal of cost, time and man poweris generally involved in the test work. In addition, facility limitations andtechnical are usually encountered in model measurements.The major object of the proposed project is to establish a numericalmodel, capable to correctly predict flows past discrete trees, so as to provide ahandy tool for pedestrian wind analysis during the preliminary design stage forplanting pedestrian trees. Besides numerical computations, wind tunnelmeasurements are also included in the study and the experimental results willbe used to confirm and guide the numerical simulation. Different from theglobal approaches adopted by previous researchers in analyzing wind flow inforest areas, the present study concentrates on detail analysis of flow pastdiscrete trees. The spatial variation of tree nature will be calibrated in terms ofa proposed indicator based on experimental results and will be helpful for thefuture numerical applications. The cases of study will start from atwo-dimensional condition and further expand to more realisticthree-dimensional cases. All the proposed work is planned to be completed intwo years.
其他識別: NSC100-2221-E005-068
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