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標題: 酵素?生物技術固化淤泥及土壤材料之研究
Applied Enzyme and Biotechnology in the Solidification of Clay and Soil Materials
作者: 陳豪吉
關鍵字: 土木水利工程類;應用研究

In recent years, the research groups of construction materials and environmentengineering, combining the microbiologists, geologists and chemists, have beenattempted to solidify the sludge particles to form a sandstone-like material by meansof using bacteria. These studies emphasized on how to use the biotechnology tosolidify or consolidate the sludge or soil particles. The solidified or consolidatedmaterials could provide proper strength and benefit from the applications inengineering constructions. In this research, in order to overcome the disadvantagesof that the aerobic bacteria are not easy to survival due to the need of oxygen to live,the enzymes or other bacteria with the higher vitality will be directly used in thesludge solidification and soil consolidation. The scope of this research includes thesearch and cultivation of bacteria, the production of enzymes, the reactionmechanisms of solidified sludge and soils by using enzymes, and the developmentof construction techniques for enzyme organisms. It is accepted that the researchresults can be practically applied in civil engineering. Consequently, theenvironmental problems of the earthwork
其他識別: NSC99-2221-E005-086-MY3
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