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標題: 離岸潛堤與海堤間之波流場變化及水位壅升研究
Wave Transformation, Flow Variation and Water Piling-Up between Submerged Breakwaters and a Seawall
作者: 蔡清標
關鍵字: 土木水利工程類;基礎研究
計畫將以三維水理數值模式及水工模型實驗方式,研究潛堤與海堤間的波流場變化及水位壅升現象。在水理數值模擬方面,將以FLOW-3D 模式進行之,以解析三維水流的問題,該模式在解析波浪與海岸結構物互制問題上,係基於完整的三維連續方程式及Navier-Stokes 方程式,配合k-紊流傳輸方程式所建立。本計畫將以三年進行之,第一年度進行矩形潛堤後方的結構物為直立防波堤之情況,將探討潛堤與海堤之間距、潛堤幾何尺度、潛堤沒水深度、及潛堤透水性等,在不同波浪條件作用下,對波流場及水位時空變化之影響,並評估潛堤存在時對直立堤面上波壓力之影響。第二年度則延伸第一年度的研究為梯形潛堤、斜面海堤及坡度底床之情況,並探討潛堤存在時對海堤面波浪溯升高度及堤趾沖刷水流特性之影響。第三年度則延伸為潛堤群之情況,探討潛堤群之堤間距離及其後方環流的生成,對波流場變化及平均水位壅升之影響。三年的研究過程中均將進行水工模型實驗,用以驗證波形及水位變化的特性。本研究除具有學術研究意義外,預期成果對我國海岸防災將有所助益。

This three-year research is aimed to explore the characteristics of the wavetransformation, the flow variation and the phenomenon of water piling-up between anoffshore submerged breakwater or breakwaters and a seawall. Both the numericalsimulations and the physical model investigations will be conducted in the research. TheFLOW-3D model will be employed to simulate thet three-dimensional flow issue. Thismodel is based on the general mass continuity equation and the general Navier-Stokesequations to simulate the wave-structure interaction, involving with the k-turbulenttransport equations. In the first year, the combination of a rectangular submerged breakwaterand a vertical breakwater will be considered. Under the different wave conditions, the effectsof (1) the distance between the submerged breakwater and the vertical breakwater, (2) thegeometry of the rectangular submerged breakwater, (3) the submerged depth of thesubmerged breakwater, and (4) the porosity of the submerged breakwater, on the wave andflow transformation and the piling-up will be explored and discussed. Besides, the wavepressure on the upright section of the vertical breakwater will also be investigated. In thesecond-year study, we will extend the first-year investigations to the situation of apermeable/impermeable trapezoidal submerged breakwater and an inclined seawall over asloping beach. The wave run-up on the inclined seawall as well as the down-rush flow at thetoe will also be investigated in this year. Then, in the final year study, the previous singlesubmerged breakwater will be considered as the case of the submerged breakwaters. Theeffects of the circulation system behind permeable/impermeable submerged breakwaters andthe gap between submerged breakwaters on the water piling-up will be explored. Thisresearch is expected to be helpful in the engineering application for the coastal protection inour country.
其他識別: NSC99-2221-E005-116-MY3
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