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標題: 坡地水田區土壤沖蝕量之研究
Study on Soil Erosion of Terraced Paddy Field
作者: 陳榮松
關鍵字: 農田水利類;應用研究

In this study, the geographic character and soil physical property, like the different surface characteristic, average area and average slope of different zone, and rainfall flow and soil erosion in the terraced paddy experiment field were collected to evaluate the relationship between rainfall factors and soil erosion and to appear the importance of terraced paddy field in land conservation. The collection of geographic character and hydrologic data of the experiment field will be carried out in the first step of the study, i.e., the floor plan of the experiment field will be mapped to distinguish different surface characteristic zone and used to obtain its average area and average slope. The soil type, three phases of soil and infiltration rate etc. will be gained by way of soil sampling and field infiltration experiment and so on. The rainfall and flow can be collected by hydrologic stations. The sampling of flow will be done in the process of rainfall events for analyze the variation of soil erosion. The analysis of soil erosion will be done in the lab using oven dried method in order to find out the relationship between rainfall factors and soil erosion. By way of this study, not only the variation of soil erosion in rainfall event but also the relationship between rainfall factors and soil erosion could be more clearing. This would is helpful to estimate the total soil erosion of terraced paddy field in a whole year.
其他識別: 95農科-4.1.1-利-b1(2)
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