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標題: UAV動力系統噪音防制與性能提昇-總計畫及子計畫一:UAV動力系統噪音防治與消音器製作
Silencer Design for Noise Reudtcion of UAV Power System
作者: 郭正雄
關鍵字: 應用研究;Silencer, Noise, Flow control, UAV;航空工程, 機械工程類;消音器;噪音;流場控制;無人飛行載具

UAV requires light weight, compact in size, low fuel consumption, low noise level, and sometimes needs to cruise longer with different payloads for various military missions. To achieve these functions, the utilization of rotary engine and the new design of the light-weight clutch mechanism can satisfy the light weight and compact size requirements; the development of the ECU will achieve the aim of low fuel consumption. The propulsion efficiency in the UAV system can be promoted using the new designs of counter-rotating propellers and the combination of duct fan system. Furthermore, the development of high efficiency solar cell system will provide sufficient and self-contained power supply to have longer cruise time. Finally, reducing the exhausting noise level can have the stealth property during some special military missions.Therefore, the objectives of this integrated project are to minimize the fuel consumption, enhance the performance of the propulsion, and develop the power supply and to reduce the exhausting noise level of the UAV system. Investigations will be based on the UAV system and distributed into six sub-projects in different majors. The ability to design, improve, enhance the performance and noise reduction of the UAV system are expected to achieve the goals of demand missions.
其他識別: NSC97-2623-7005-001-D
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