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標題: 旋轉碟片之兩相微流場可視化實驗研究-血液沉降分離與混合標定
Visualization Experiments of Two-Phase Flow in Centrifgual Microfluidics-Sedimentation, Separation, Mixing and Labeling of Blood
作者: 陳志敏
關鍵字: 旋轉碟片;rotating disk;太空科技;微流迴路;流場可視化;血液沉降;單核細胞分離與標定;基礎研究;microfluidics;flow visualization;blood sedimentation;isolation and labeling of mononuclear cells
The centrifugal-force pumping technique offers an alternative to commonly used pressure-driven and electrokinetic methods in handling the fluid flow of tiny volume. Centrifugal microfluidics is fabricated on a CD (compact disk) platform where liquid-plug propulsion results from the rotation of the CD. The subject of LabCD has recently received rapidly increasing attention for its applications in micromixing, sample preparation and diagnostics, cell lysis and plasma extraction. The centrifugal microfluidic flows involving phase separation and manipulation of blood cells and plasma are of interest in this study. This project proposes a two-year term to investigate the two-phase flow involving blood sedimentation, separation, mixing and labeling all on a rotating disk with microfluidics. In the first year of the project, we will focus on experiments of centrifugal microfluidics designed for extraction plasma from the whole blood and the exchange of plasma and blood cells from two different blood sources for examination of blood compatibility. In the second year of the project we will concentrate on the separation and labeling of mononuclear cells (MNC) using a filtering fluid of Ficoll (Sigma-Aldrich Histopaque-1077) and fluorescent dye (or fluorescent antibody), respectively. Flow visualization using conventional microscope as well as fluoresce microscope in conjunction with photomultiplier tube will be conducted to investigate the effects of crucial factors such as the geometry of the microchannels and the rotational speed for control of the two-phase flow. Moreover, a number of polymer fabrication techniques will be used to construct the centrifugal microfluidics for its specific functions and dimensions. Numerical simulations will be employed as a supplement to the proposed study. We believe that this project should have academic and practical contributions to the development of LabCD.

其他識別: NSC97-2221-E005-040
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