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標題: 圓球驅動機器人之三維模式建立與T-S模糊控制
Three-Dimensional Modelling and T-S Fuzzy Model-Based Control for a Ballbot
作者: 林麗章
關鍵字: 應用研究;single wheeled ballbot;電子電機工程類;圓球驅動機器人;3D 非線性動力模式;T-S 模糊模式;LMI 控制;機器人速度控制;動態平衡控制;3D modeling;T-S fuzzy model;LMI approach;velocitycontrol;dynamically balancing control
欲使圓球驅動機器人能夠在地面上具有同時隨意移動、轉動及直立動態平衡控制的性能,須根據較為完整的3D(Three-Dimensional)非線性動力模式,設計其三輸入(或四輸入)軸的控制器,始能達成。因此,本計畫擬先推導圓球驅動機器人的3D 非線性完整動力學及運動學模式,並在其運動範圍內進行適當模糊分割,以建立適當的T-S 模糊模式,再根據模糊模式使用LMI(Linear Matrix Inequality)及Lyapunov 法,設計機器人的穩定模糊控制律,以達成機器人能夠隨意行動且保持直立動態平衡的控制目標。最後並擬進行電腦模擬研究,以了解所提控制策略的性能。

This project will consider the 3D modeling and T-S fuzzy model-based control for asingle ball-wheeled mobile robot. The ball wheel is assumed to be driven by threeequally-spaced rollers attached to the ball surface without sleep between the contact surfaces.In this research, the 3D complete kinematics and complex dynamics equations will first bederived. Then based on some suitable fuzzy partition of the bar elevation-angle's universe ofdiscourse, a simplified T-S fuzzy model will be constructed for analytical PDC (paralleldistributed compensation) fuzzy control design. In the control design, both single quadraticLyapunov function candidate and fuzzy Lyapunov function candidate will be chosen forrobust stable T-S fuzzy controller synthesis via the LMI approach. Finally, their controlperformance and system robustness will be studied and illustrated using extensive computersimulations.
其他識別: NSC97-2221-E005-061
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