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標題: Development of High Efficient Nano-Structured Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (II)
作者: 王國禎
關鍵字: 應用研究;能源工程, 光電工程
本研究提出以陽極氧化鋁膜(Anodic Alumina Oxide, AAO)為基材,分別於陽極氧化鋁模板正反面進行擴孔與去阻障層之表面處理,以產生更適合生長氧化銦錫(ITO) 3D 奈米結構之模版;接著以射頻(RF)濺鍍技術,於AAO 模版上濺鍍ITO3D 奈米結構陣列;再以退火製程改善晶格結構與導電性,製備透光性與導電性良好之ITO 3D 奈米結構電極陣列,取代傳導之薄膜電極結構;再於3D 奈米結構電極間填充TiO2 及染料,研發效率更高之奈米結構染料敏化太陽能電池(DSSC);並實際製作高效能3D 奈米結構電極DSSC 雛形版,以驗證新DSSC 架構之性能,目標乃是轉換效率可接近10%。本研究於第一年前半年已完成1.半球型TiO2/ITO/AAO 3D 奈米陣列電極製作;2.網狀TiO2/ITO/AAO 3D 奈米結構電極製作;3.半球型奈米陣列鎳金屬模具製作等項工作,下半年預計再完成4.半球型奈米陣列鎳金屬模具改善;5.半球型TiO2/ITO 3D 奈米陣列電極製備等二項工作。第二年則是規劃完成1.半球型TiO2/ITO 3D 微米陣列電極製備;2.高效能奈米結構敏化染料光電池製作;3.高效能DSSC 光電轉換效率量測等三項工作,進一步驗證新型奈米結構DSSC 之效能。

In this research, a novel Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC) scheme for betterphoton-to-current-efficiency is proposed. The distinctive mark of this novel scheme isa 3D nano-structure indium tin oxide (ITO) electrode replacing the conventional thinfilm electrode. The 3D nano-structure ITO electrode will be fabricated by using RFmagnetron sputtering with an anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) template. Two kinds oftemplate by respectively immersing the front side and the barrier-layer side of anAAO film into a 30 wt% phosphoric acid solution will be prepared first. The frontside etching is a pore widening process, resulting in a rugged and sharp-looking AAOtemplate due to deviations of the stress concentration on the AAO film. Thebarrier-layer side etching is to modify the surface of the barrier layer such that acontrasting surface will be obtained. 3D nano-structure ITO films will then bedeposited on both two kinds of porous AAO templates using RF magnetron sputtering.The crystallinity and conductivity of the 3D ITO films will be further enhanced byannealing. Titanium dioxide and dye will then be filled up the vacant space of the 3Dnano-structure ITO electrode to form the proposed DSSC. The incident photon tocurrent efficiency (IPEC) is expected to be close to 10 %.The scheduled executing period will be two years. During the first half of the 1styear, we have fabricated: hemispheric nano- structure TiO2/ITO/AAO electrodes,reticular nano-structure TiO2/ITO/AAO electrodes, and hemispheric nano- structuremolds of Nickel. For the rest of the 1st year, we scheduled to complete: the qualityimprovement of the hemispheric nano- structure mold of Nickel and the fabrication ofhemispheric nano-structure TiO2/ITO electrodes.During the 2nd year, we plan to conduct: the fabrication of hemisphericmicro-structure TiO2/ITO electrodes, the construction of prototypes of the proposedDSSC schemes, and the measurement of their individual conversion efficiency andincident photon to current efficiency (IPEC) to verify the performances.
其他識別: NSC98-ET-E005-004-ET
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