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標題: CMOS-MEMS微機械式濾波器
CMOS-MEMS Micromechanical Filters
作者: 戴慶良
關鍵字: 電子電機工程類;技術發展
本計畫擬以CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor)-MEMS (microelectromechanical systems)技術研製整合讀出電路的微機械式濾波器,適合應用在無線射頻通訊系統。就國內外的發展現況,利用CMOS- MEMS技術,將微機械式濾波器與電路整合製作在單一晶片上,是一種新的技術,相關的技術產品,尚未被商品化。本計畫將發展高品質因子和低驅動電壓的微機械式濾波器。主要的創新性,包括(1)利用商業化CMOS製程製作機械式微濾波器;(2)僅需一道無光罩的後製程處理,即可釋放微濾波器所需的懸浮結構;(3)將機械式微濾波器與感測電路整合,製作在單一晶片上;(4)適當的設計微濾波器之驅動端結構和支撐結構,使驅動電壓低於12V;(5) 在真空下的品質因子高於5000,;(6)操作頻率高於40MHz。本計畫擬設計之微機械式濾波器的結構材料,由CMOS的金屬層構成,其構造包含有驅動端和感測端結構,此機械式濾波器是利用靜電式驅動,當施加交流電壓於驅動端,並使濾波器結構操作在共振狀態,則感測端會產生很大的電容變化,此電容變化經由讀出電路轉換為電壓輸出。

This project investigates the fabrication of micromechanical filters integrated with readoutcircuit using the CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor)-MEMS(microelectromechanical system) technique. The micromechanical filters can be applied inwireless communication systems. The approach that the use of CMOS-MEMS processmanufactures micromechanical filters integrated with readout circuit is a novel technique,which the related products are not commercial yet. Therefore, this project will develop highquality factor and low driving voltage micromechanical filters. The characteristics of themicromechanical filters include: (1) the fabrication uses the commercial CMOS process; (2)the post-process requires only one wet etching process to release the suspended structures ofthe filters; (3) micro filters and readout circuit are fabricated on a chip; (4) the drivingvoltage is lower than 12 V; (5) the quality factor is higher than 5000 in vacuum; (6) theoperating frequency is larger than 40 MHz. The micromechanical filters that contain adriving part and a sensing part are actuated by electrostatic force. Material of themicromechanical filters is the metal layer of the CMOS process. The sensing part generates achange in capacitance upon applying a driving voltage to the driving part. The capacitancevariation of the sensing part is converted the output voltage by a readout circuit.
其他識別: NSC98-2221-E005-070
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