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標題: 鎳鈦基合金形狀記憶處理與冷間成形製程研究
On Shape Memorization and Cold Forming of NiTi Alloys
作者: 范光堯
關鍵字: 應用研究;NiTi alloys;機械工程類;鎳鈦基合金;形狀記憶合金;形狀記憶;成形;成形特性;shape memory alloy;shape memorization;metal forming;forming property
Because of their smart characteristics with shape memory effect and superelasticity, shape memoryalloys used in sensors, actuators, and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), are regarded as anemerging applied material with high added value by their additional biomedical compatibility for medicaldevices and implants. Therefore, developing the production technologies of shape memory alloys andtheir applications is meaningful not only for the country advancing the era of “island of biomedicaltechnologies”but also for the precision industries and the metal industries in this island to improve theiroutput value. For this reason, this proposal is aimed to investigate the shape memorization and coldforming properties of NiTi alloys according to their potential huge requirement in biomedical devices andMEMS industries. Consequently, the corresponding research works for the application of shape memoryalloys will intensively be threw into and its application spectrum will therefore be enlarged.This study is proposed as a two-year project to investigate the shape memorization and cold formingproperties of NiTi alloys via material test, finite element analysis, and forming experiments. In this study,experiments are induced to investigate the mechanical characteristics of NiTi alloys in emphasis on shapememorization properties. A finite element model is built and executed to simulate these experiments aswell. Additionally, an analytical model will be proposed in this study to describe the metalworkingproperties of NiTi alloys both in shape memorization treatment and in cold forming process in associationof experiments, so that the shape memorization and cold forming mechanism of TiNi alloys could be alsoexamined in this proposal. Its results would be significantly referred for industrial applications.

其他識別: NSC99-2221-E005-017
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