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dc.description.abstract本計畫擬以 CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor)-MEMS (microelectromechanicalsystems)技術製作整合型微氣體感測器,感測電路與微氣體感測器將被整合製作成單一晶片,有兩種微氣體感器將被設計和製作:分別為濕度感測器和一氧化碳感測器。此整合型微氣體感測器,適合應用於電子儀器、環境監控系統、和生醫設備。濕度感測器為電容式,聚吡咯(polypyrrole)將被製備,作為濕度感測器的感測薄膜,當感測薄膜吸附水氣時,感測器的電容產生變化,再經由所設計的感測電路,將感測器的電容變化量轉換為振盪頻率輸出。一氧化碳感測器為電阻式,氧化鈷將被製備,作為一氧化碳感測器的感測薄膜,當感測薄膜吸附一氧化碳時,感測器的電阻產生變化,再經由所設計的感測電路,將感測器的電阻變化量轉換為電壓輸出。就國內外的發展現況,利用CMOS-MEMS 技術將微氣體感測器與感測電路整合製作成單一晶片,是一種新的技術。本計畫所發展的微氣體感測器,具有下列創新性:(1)利用商業化CMOS 製程製作微氣體感測器;(2)以導電高分子聚吡咯為感濕薄膜,其穩定性和靈敏性優於一般市售的高分子溼度感測器;(3)以氧化鈷為一氧化碳感測薄膜,其工作溫度為室溫,不需加熱器;(4)將微感測器與感測電路整合,製作在單一晶片上,體積小,成本低,性能優於傳統氣體感測器;(5)後製程處理容易執行,並與CMOS 製成相容,未來適合直接利用半導體廠進行大量生產;(6)溼度感測器為電容式,為了增加感測電容變化量,特別設計了改良式的指叉狀電極。本計畫擬以兩年的研發時間完成整合型微氣體感測器,第一年將完成濕度感測薄膜(聚吡咯)和一氧化碳感測薄膜(氧化鈷)的製備,及其性能測試和分析; 第二年將所調製的感測薄膜應用至微氣體感測器,完成兩種整合型微氣體感測器的設計和製作,及其性能測試。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThis project investigates the fabrication of micro gas sensors with readout circuit on chip using theCMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor)-MEMS (microelectromechanical system) technique.There are two types of gas sensors- humidity sensor and carbon oxide sensor- to be developed. The gassensors can be applied on electronic instruments, environmental monitoring systems and biomedicalequipments. The humidity sensor is capacitive type, and the sensitive film is polypyrrole. When thesensitive film absorbs or desorbs water vapor, the dielectric constant of the sensitive film generates a change,resulting in the humidity sensor produces the variation of capacitance. The readout circuit is used to convertthe capacitance variation of the sensor into the frequency output. The carbon oxide sensor is resistive type,and the sensitive film is cobalt oxide. The sensitive film changes in resistance when it absorbs or desorbsCO. The readout circuit is employed to convert the resistance variation of the sensor into the voltage output.The approach that the use of CMOS-MEMS process manufactures the monolithic chip integrated gassensors with readout circuit is a novel technique. The characteristics of the gas sensors include: (1) thesensors are manufactured by the commercial CMOS process; (2) the sensitive film of the humidity sensor isconductive polymer polypyrrole, which has an excellent stability and sensitivity; (3) the sensor and readoutcircuit are integrated on a chip, which it has the advantage of small volume, low cost and well performance;(4) the post-process is compatible with the CMOS process and easy execution; (5) The sensitive film of thecarbon oxide sensor is cobalt oxide that can work at room temperature and does not need a micro heat; (6)in order to increase the sensitivity of the humidity sensor, a special interdigital electrodes are designed forthe sensor. The study will be achieved for two years. In first year, the polypyrrole and cobalt oxide of thesensitive films are prepared and their characteristics are tested. In second year, two gas sensors- humiditysensor and carbon oxide sensor- integrated with readout circuit are designed and fabricated, and theirperformances are characterized.en_US
dc.titleIntegrated Micro Gas Sensors with Readout Circuitsen_US
dc.typeResearch Reportszh_TW
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