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標題: CMOS-MEMS熱電式微發電器
Coms-Mems Thermoelectric Micro Generators
作者: 戴慶良
關鍵字: 技術發展;電子電機工程類;微機電系統;熱電式;微發電器;熱電偶
This project will develop thermoelectric micro-generators with high translation efficiency and highoutput power using the CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor)-MEMS(microelectromechanical system) technique. The micro-generators can be applied in electronic devices,CPU of computers, and heat-recycling systems. The structure of the generators consists of n-type and p-typepolysilicons thermocouples. The translation efficiency of the generators depends on the differencetemperature between the cold-part and hot-part of thermocouples. In order to increase the output power ofthe generators, the hot-part is made as a suspended structure that can reduce the heat dissipation, and thecold-part is covered with the silicon dioxide layer of low thermal conductivity. The approach that the use ofCMOS-MEMS process manufactures thermoelectric micro-generators is a novel technique. Thecharacteristics of the thermoelectric micro-generators include: (1) the thermoelectric micro-generators aremanufactured by the commercial CMOS process; (2) the thermocouples of the generators are composed ofp-type and n-type polysilicons that can enhance the Seebeck effect for the thermocouples and increase theoutput power; (3) the hot-part of the generators covers with Al metal to increase its heat-adsorption; (4) thehot-part of the generators covers with silicon dioxide to reduce its heat-adsorption ; (5) the post-process ofthe generators is easy execution which is suitable for mass-production; (6) the generators have a potential tointegrate with electronic devices on chip due to their fabrication is compatible with the CMOS process.

本計畫擬以CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor)-MEMS (microelectromechanicalsystems)技術製作具有高轉換效率和高輸出功率的熱電式微發電器,可應用於電腦的CPU 散熱器、電子產品、和廢熱回收系統。熱電式微發電器的構造是由熱電偶所構成,利用雙層多晶矽,透過摻雜形成p-型與n-型多晶矽之熱電偶。熱電式微發電器的發電效率取決於熱電偶兩端的冷熱溫度差,因此為了防止熱散失,保持溫度梯度,將熱端熱電偶設計成懸浮結構,並於熱端熱電偶堆疊金屬板,增加熱端部分的吸熱面積;冷端熱電偶則覆蓋二氧化矽層,以提供低導熱性與隔絕熱端熱源,使微發電器具有高輸出功率。就國內外的發展現況,利用CMOS-MEMS 技術製作微熱電發電器晶片,是一種新的技術。本計畫所發展的熱電式微發電器,具有下列創新性:(1)利用商業化CMOS 製程製作熱電式微發電器;(2) 利用p-型與n-型多晶矽構成熱電偶,提高其Seebeck 效率,增加輸出功率;(3)微發電器的熱端熱電偶堆疊金屬板,增加熱端的吸熱效率;(4)微發電器的冷端熱電偶覆蓋二氧化矽層,降低冷端的吸熱效率;(5)後製程處理容易執行,適合直接利用半導體廠進行大量生產;(6)與CMOS 製成相容,有整合積體電路的潛力,成為整合發電系統。
其他識別: NSC100-2221-E005-012
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