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標題: 大氣科學共用資料服務平台-台灣通量觀測塔網資料庫
Service Platform of Common Database for Atmopheric Science (II)-Taiwan Fluxnet Data Center (Atmospheric Science Devision)
作者: 莊秉潔
關鍵字: 大氣科學類;基礎研究
This project will establish a databank to collect flux data from flux towers currentlymaintained by individual scientists in Taiwan. There are 14 stations in operations, and somenew stations will be established in the coming years. In addition, Taiwan Fluxnet (TwFlux)will be organized. Therefore, we should be able to work closely with international fluxnetcommunities. Nonetheless, most of the stations are located away from individual scientists'institutes. Some of them are in rural area, and some in remote mountain area. There is a needto transfer the data by modern telecommunication technique, in order to reduce the travelexpense for collecting data. Moreover, through the real-time monitoring system, the datacenter can be aware whether the operation of equipments at stations continues normal, so asto avoid loss of data. It also provides an opportunity to unify data formats at each individualstation, which is import for the following-up model simulations or the applications of otherresearches. In addition, processing procedures for data will be established, including theQA/QC of data, coordinate rotation, WPL correction and gap filling of CO2. In theatmospheric community, although the surface energy components can be measured, most ofscientists are not available to investigate the soil/vegetation characteristics at the flux towersites. This project will conduct such investigations at each site with helps from forest/soilscientists. Items include the soil thermodynamic conductivity, soil porosity, soil fieldcapacity, soil wilting point, leaf area index (LAI) . In conjunction with the flux database, thedatabank constructed by this study can be used for various purposes, such as forinitialization of the soil/land fields for regional weather and climate forecasts, for studyingthe impact of land-cover change, to quantify the rate of the ecosystem sink to CO2, and forremote sensing study. In addition, a parallel comparison between observations at a tower sitewith an additional set of measurement will be carried out. Recommendations to the towersite scientist will be made after the comparison. This comparison is important to reduce theinconsistency among tower sites.

本計畫旨在建立台灣地區通量觀測站資料庫,以收集目前運作中的14 座通量觀測站以及未來新增設之觀測站的資料。因各觀測站分布於本島不同區域,又或位於野外及高山上,預定利用無線網路技術將資料即時傳輸至資料庫中,並藉由即時資料來判斷觀測儀器是否持續正常運作,以免漏失觀測資料,亦藉此機會統一資料庫資料格式以利後續模式或其他研究所使用。另外藉由討論會議制定資料後處理程序,包括觀測資料的真實性、座標轉換、水氣密度干擾修正及缺值填入。同時針對觀測站生態環境記錄植被變動(例如農田播種、休耕及農作物種類)、測定土壤性質等基本資料,並逐月進行葉面積指數的調查。以利未來可以利用此作土地變遷對氣象影響之量化研究。儀器性能平行比對在本計畫中亦會選取嘉義農業氣象站進行,利用第二套的觀測系統來推估不同系統間之差異,以為後續研究分析及模式所使用。本計畫冀望後續能跟隨國際趨勢,成立台灣通量觀測網(Taiwan Fluxnet) (TwFlux) ,以提升台灣在相關領域之地位和能見度。表
其他識別: NSC98-2745-M005-001
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