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標題: 半乾式除酸系統中操作條件對焚化廢氣中酸性氣體、重金屬及有機物去除之影響
The Effect of the Operating Condition of Spray Dryer System on the Removal Efficiency of Acid Gas, Heavy Metal and Organic Compound
作者: 魏銘彥
關鍵字: 環保工程, 農業環境保護;基礎研究;Fluidized bed incinerator;流體化床焚化爐;酸性氣體;重金屬;氣膠;揮發性有機物;半乾式洗滌塔;Acid gas;Heavy metal;Aerosol Volatile organic compound (VOC);Spray dryer system
其他識別: NSC89-2211-E005-007
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