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標題: 奈米乳化液作為新式金屬切削液之應用研究
Nanoemulsion as a Novel Metalworking Fluid
作者: 張書奇
關鍵字: 環保工程;應用研究;Emulsion;乳化液;奈米乳化液;綠色設計;金屬切削液;nanoemulsion;green design;design for environment;metalworkingfluid

Sustainable industrial fluid management depends on fluid redesign, in-processmanagement, and end-of-life management. The earlier the improvement in thisproduct-life-cycle line, the better the performance will be. Industrial fluids have been usedin crude oil exploration, cooling water recycling, filtration, desalination, and metalworkingprocesses. Biodeterioration in this systems caused wasting of resources and environmentalburdens.Metalworking fluids are imperative industrial fluids of high-volume production andconsumption. Taiwan annual consumption is estimated to exceed 1 billion liters. Thus, thesustainable management of metalworking fluid in Taiwan is highly important. High oilcontent in metalworking fluids has brought problems to the downstream wastewater treatmentplant. Pathogen proliferation caused unscheduled discharge and worsened theirenvironmental burden. Therefore, an in-process biostable and off-process biodegradableformulation has lone been pursued but not been achieved.This research project is to continue an on-going project funded by National ScienceCouncil, Nanoemulsion-a novel sustainable lubrication fluid. The goals of this project are(1) exploration of the emulsion stability and biostability of mineral oil emulsion and vegetableoil emulsions with the world smallest particle size, (2) lubricity tests, (3) effects of the waterhardness, and (4) biodegradability test. This serial project has yielded one patent in the pastfive months and is expected to produce two more patents in the next year.
其他識別: NSC97-2221-E005-038
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