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標題: 改質奈米碳管提昇煙道廢氣二氧化碳捕獲之研究
Enhancement of Co2 Capture from Fuel Gas via Amine-Grafted Carbon Nanotubes
作者: 盧重興
關鍵字: 環保工程, 能源工程;應用研究;Flue gas;煙道氣;二氧化碳捕獲;奈米碳管;表面處理;循環再生;CO2 capture;Carbon nanotubes;Surface modification;Regeneration
上年度之研究計畫結果發現奈米碳管(carbon nanotubes, CNTs)相較於其他吸附材料(活性碳、沸石等)有以下優點:具高吸附量(於CO2 濃度50%下,最大吸附量達184.3 mg/g)、不受濕度影響,以物理吸附為主要的吸附機制,所以不需高溫脫附、能夠循環再生使用,是一極具開發潛力之低溫CO2 吸附材料。本計畫延續上年度計畫,針對CNTs 再進一步從製備及改質方面提升煙道氣中CO2 吸附量,並將進行變溫吸附(temperatureswing adsorption, TSA)與變壓吸附法(pressure swing adsorption, PSA)試驗,求得CO2 濃縮比例與回收效率,以提供工研院能環所燃料應用研究室評估實場應用的操作參數。研究以CNTs 作為吸附劑,利用管柱連續流方式進行CO2 吸附測試,探討:1. 改進CNTs 製備程序,尋找提升材料比表面積及孔體積的製備方法; 2. 最佳化表面含浸改質條件探討,使CNTs 表面胺官能基能有效與CO2 反應; 3.CO2 吸附能力及循環吸附測試,模擬煙道氣除硫設備後端之環境(40-60℃, CO2:15%),進行CO2 吸附效率、等溫實驗與溫濕度之影響,以及變溫/變壓吸附實驗來進行CO2 循環吸附。本年度計畫完成後,預計將可獲得CNTs 捕獲及儲存CO2 技術,未來可以進一步應用於實廠,提昇我國溫室氣體減量技術。

The previous research project employed the self-prepared carbon nanotubes(CNTs) as adsorbent for CO2 capture. The results indicated that under the sameconditions, CNTs show the greatest CO2 adsorption and less influence onhumidity as compared with granular activated carbon (GAC) and zeolite. Themaximum adsorption capacity could reach to 184.3 mg/g under the 50% of CO2inlet. The advantage of CNTs was that the physical adsorption is the majormechanism for CO2 capture via CNTs. It implies that desorption of CO2 fromCNTs requires less desorbing heats and that CNTs are promising adsorbents forCO2 capture.The following research project will employ self-prepared CNTs as adsorbentsfor CO2 capture. The research work includes to: 1. enhance fabrication of CNTsprocess for improving the CNTs' surface area and pore volume; 2. find the bestmodification conditions for enhancement of CO2 adsorption; 3. study adsorptionproperties (capacity and efficiency) of CO2 via CNTs in the post-flue gasdesulfurization (FGD) conditions (T:40-60℃, CO2:15%) and test the cyclicadsorption with temperature swing adsorption (TSA) and pressure swingadsorption (PSA).This project expects to provide the useful information with respect to thepotential adsorbents and the best operating conditions as design criteria of afull-scale adsorber in the field.
其他識別: NSC98-ET-E005-001-ET
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