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標題: 台灣地區陸地地表參數化過程之觀測並與新一代區域氣象模式之整合(II)
Observation and Derivation of Land Surface Parameterization over Taiwan and Model Implementaion for a Newly Developed Mesoscale Model (II)
作者: 莊秉潔
關鍵字: 環保工程, 大氣科學類;基礎研究;canopy resistance;地表粗糙度;通量觀測;地表參數;地表阻抗;氣象模式;mesoscale meteorological model;aerodynamic roughness;landsurface parameterization
Land is the major component of the climate system, but it inclusion in climate models isstill relatively simplistic. More realistic treatments of land processes and a fuller appropriatedata are current research objectives. Some Land surface scheme (LSS) parameters, such asalbedo, fraction of vegetated cover, leaf area index, etc., can be measured (estimated) at boththe patch scale and the large scale (via remote sensing), and the relationship between theirarea-averaged values at patch and large scales is linear. However, other parameters such assoil hydraulic conductivity, stomatal resistance, aerodynamic resistance, etc., are not easilymeasured at the relevant scales, and their relationship at different scales is less simple.The main work in this project will be divided into five items and completed within threeyears: 1) Construction and verification of a global data set of canopy resistance (rc) retrivedfrom the energy budget of Planetary Boundary Layer, 2) Setting up a mobile fluxt tower andconducting roughness and conducting fluxes observations, 3) Development of a 1-kmresolution dataset of aerodynamic roughness based on observations and its relationship tolanduse types, and Implementation the roughness dataset for use in WRF under thecooperation with CWB, 4) Development of a localized land surface scheme (LSS) for use inWRF based on observation in Taiwan, and 5) Building up a flux tower for a long-termobservation over a broadleaf natural forest site at 2000 m above sea level in Taiwan andjoining the international Fluxnet network ( The observeddata set will be applied for modification and verification of canopy resistance data set andother further investigations.

地表參數的表現在氣候及氣象模式中極為重要。而目前國外的參數化方法,主持人發現,應用在台灣之結果,一般可感熱會高估,造成氣溫模擬過高(Tsuang and Tu, 2002)。另國外所提供之氣動粗糙度一般過小,造成風速模擬過快(Tsai and Tsuang, 2005)。主持人過去5 年,已發表了相關研究期刊論文達5 篇,且有2篇正在審查中,利用繫留氣球、紊流協變儀等觀測資料,或反演等方法求取中部地區等參數(Tsuang and Tu, 2002; Tsuang, 2003; Tsuang et al.,2003; Tsuang 2005, Tsai and Tsuang 2005)。本計畫主要目的是希望能建立全台灣之資料庫,進而整合入WRF 區域氣象模式。此研究計畫將有以下五個工作方向。第一、利用主持所發展之反演方法,建立一個全球尺度的地表蒸散阻抗參數資料庫,以與國際接軌,並與德國MPI 合作,互相學習好的參數化方法。第二、組裝可移動式觀測實驗站,以觀測台灣各地區粗糙度及蒸散阻抗。第三、建立台灣地區1km 解析度之粗糙度資料庫,並與氣象局洪景山博士合作,應用於WRF 模式比較其是否改善風速模擬模式表現。第四、發展適用台灣地區之地表參數模組(Land surface scheme) (LSS),與氣象局洪景山博士合作植入WRF,比較對氣溫、海陸風及山谷風之改善情形。第五、最後將通量等觀測設備,長期架設中興大學惠蓀林場位於2000 公尺海拔之60 米鐵塔上,作長期觀測,以便探討佔台灣近40%面積之主要原生樹年際變化之相關參數,如含水率等對地表各通量之影響。並加入國際之Fluxnet 觀測網(,以與國際接軌。主持人目前有三位博士生、六位碩士生,希望增聘一位博士後研究員,使有充足之人力完成相關之工作。亦請審查委員能協助相關經費之需求。希望五年內可以建立台灣之重要大氣陸地下邊界之參數化過程包含觀測,並整合入WRF 之模式中,方便台灣之研究團隊及氣象單位使用使用。
其他識別: NSC96-2111-M005-001-MY3
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