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標題: 以混合性二氧化氯做為養殖池水及其實廠應用之研究
Research of Aquaculture Pond Water Improvement and Application in Field by Mixture Chlorine Dioxide
作者: 謝永旭
關鍵字: 環保工程;養殖池水;Aquaculture pond water;替代性藥劑;電解法;二氧化氯;應用研究;Alternative chemical;Electrolytic procedure;Chlorinedioxide
國內外之水產養殖漁業對於其養殖池水質惡化而導致產量遽減之問題,常以人工添加化學藥品及抗菌劑之方式來加進行改善,該方式雖可有效抑制水中病原菌、藻類及病毒等問題,但也隨之引發諸多對環境造成負面衝擊之影響;如養殖產物藥物殘留、添加化學品後之養殖池水不當排放等問題,皆對人體及環境有著嚴重的危害性。因此如何在具有相同效果的情況下,以對環境友善之替代性處理藥劑來取代原有慣用之化學品,深具研究及開發之空間與價值。本研究擬以電解法製備混合性二氧化氯處理藥劑,並藉由其氧化特性及適當的環境條件控制來改善養殖池水中的菌藻及毒性物質如NH4+-N 及NO2-之問題,進而達到有效降低養殖生物體藥物殘留及養殖池水可能對環境造成負面衝擊之風險。除先期試驗採Bench-Scale 之方式進行外,更進一步依據實驗室所得之成果套用至實廠應用,依現場條件修正進行重複試驗,以期達到預期之養殖池水改善之目標。最後再依各項成本之耗費情形及比較傳統養殖池水改善方式來推估本研究之經濟效益,以兼顧理論基礎與實廠應用之務實性。

The antibacterial agent and similarly chemical are often applied to control and improvethe pathogenic bacteria, fungus algae and aquaculture pond water quality in aquaculture. It iseffective on pond water control. However, if it medicated improperly, may distribute inaquaculture pond environments and, result in adverse ecological effects on environment andrisk human health. Because the most of chemical drugs have biological toxicity and somechemical cause bacteria and algae resistance in the long run. According to the above reasons,how to choose an alternative chemical that no adverse effects on environment and humanhealth, it become significant.This research will use electrolytic procedure to produce mixture of chlorine dioxide. Bythe method of oxidizaing of chlorine dioxide and control of proper environmental conditionsto kill the pathogenic bacteria and NH4+-N, NO2- in the aquaculture pond and suppress theproblem of pond water quality deteriorated and then achieve the purpose to decrease the riskon human and environment. In addition to bench-scale, this application will all be practiced infield and operating condition will be modified according as field requirements. In theconclusion, cost and energy efficiency between traditional and advanced treatment process ofaquaculture pond water will be evaluated in order to verify the existence of economic benefits.The ones that used are practical in order to give consideration to the theoretical foundationand real factory.
其他識別: NSC99-2221-E005-040
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