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標題: Detection and Remediation Techniques for Contaminated Sites---Application Assessment of PITT and ISCO
污染場址偵測與復育技術 ---PITT與ISCO之應用評估
作者: 林明德
關鍵字: 應用研究;環保工程
Recently, many subsurface pollution incidents caused by leakage of NAPLs (nonaqueous phase liquids) have been found in Taiwan. When contamination happens, locating the pollutant sources, estimating the volume of pollutants, and employing effective cleanup techniques are the necessary tasks of the remediation works. Partitioning interwell tracer test (PITT) and in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) are respectively attractive technologies for detecting and removing subsurface NAPLs pollutants. However, the realistic characteristics of field sites usually significantly affect the accuracy of the results obtained form the aforementioned techniques. For example, ISCO often needs to use more oxidants to overcome the soil oxidant demand (SOD) and the content of organic matters in soils also has significant impacts on the results of PITT. Due to the fact that the differences between the field conditions and laboratory environments may result in different conclusions, this project will employ a series of column tests, box tests, and field tests to investigate the impacts of the physical-chemical characteristics of soils to the PITT and ISCO results. Mathematical simulation models will also be developed to provide decision makers and field site workers useful tools for detecting and removing NAPLs pollutants more accurately and efficiently.

台灣地區近年來衍生出各式的土壤與地下水污染問題,其中非水相液體(nonaqueous phase liquids, NAPLs)洩漏的問題更是層出不窮。而當污染事件發生時,準確的偵測出污染物之所在位置及含量,並輔以有效的整治技術,是復育工作的必要步驟。目前井間介入性示蹤劑試驗(partitioning interwell tracer test, PITT)以及現地化學氧化法(in situ chemical oxidation, ISCO)即分別為新興且深具潛力的偵測與整治土壤與地下水污染的技術。然而有鑑於許多實驗室發展之技術應用於實場時,往往因自然環境條件的不同而產生極大差異,並顯著干預了應用效果,例如ISCO常常因為需克服土壤中「非目標可氧化物質」所需的土壤氧化劑需求量(soil oxidant demand, SOD),而必須增加更多之氧化劑劑量;PITT也常常因為土壤中有機物質的存在,而造成偵測推估結果的偏差。故本研究將利用一系列的管柱、砂箱以及現地試驗探討PITT與ISCO的各項操作參數,以及土壤中之各種物化特性(如:有機質含量、粒徑分佈,以及水質之酸鹼度等)所產生的額外吸附、介入等行為對結果的干擾情形,並嘗試歸納出修正的方法,以將其對於推估結果的干擾效應減至最低。本研究也將利用各項研究數據發展數值模擬模式,以提供往後決策者及實務工作者於進行污染場址評估或復育工作時的另一項參考工具。
其他識別: NSC99-2622-E005-013-CC3
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