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標題: 以地表下自然產生的氡為分配性井間示蹤劑試驗之示蹤劑作為土壤中殘留之PCE、TCE含量調查研究 (II)
Research on the Investigation of PCE and TCE Residual in Subsurface Soil Using Radon-222 Occurring in Nature as the Tracer in Partitioning Interwell Tracer Tests (II)
作者: 盧至人
關鍵字: 環保工程;應用研究

Of the dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPLs), the chlorinated organic solvents are the major pollutants found in a contaminated site that is classified as a groundwater usage restricted site. Their low solubility in water makes it hard to remove the pollutants from the contaminated soil or groundwater. Therefore, it would maintain as a long-term source of pollution. Besides, the property with specific gravity greater than water as well as the complex of hydrogeology makes it more difficult to build up the conceptual model of a contaminated site. Therefore it is difficult to set up appropriate remediation measures and then evaluate its efficiency after implementation. Although many investigation technologies have been developed to help to achieve the remediation goal, few of them aim to quantify the pollutants directly. Partitioning inter-well tracer test (PITT) is a direct pollutant volume measuring technology which uses the retardation resulted from the different partition ability of tracers with pollutants and groundwater and partitioning coefficients of tracers to evaluate the volume of pollutant. Radon-222 occurring in nature in subsurface has been employed as the partitioning tracer in PITT. The accuracy of partitioning coefficients and retardation factors is essential for obtaining a desired result of pollutant volume estimation. This research is the second year of an approved research in which the pollutants studied are PCE and TCE; both are DNAPLs and the major pollutants in a groundwater usage restricted contaminated site. Three aspects will be carried out in the study. In the first year the partitioning coefficients of PCE, TEC, and the mixture of PCE and TCE with water, the relationships of radon deficiency and pollutant residual saturations in soil media were studied in laboratory. This year's objects are to scheme the procedure for PITT. Therefore the scale of the research will include batch test, column test, sand box, and eventually field test to build a feasible PITT procedure.
其他識別: NSC99-2622-E005-003-CC1
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