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標題: 利用數學規劃結合生命週期評估建立都市廢棄物管理決策支援系統
Integration of Mathematical Programming with Life Cycle Assessment to Develop Municipal Solid Waste Management Decision Support System
作者: 林明德
關鍵字: 環保工程;應用研究

This study will employ mathematical programming techniques combining with life cycle assessment to establish municipal solid waste (MSW) management decision support system in Taiwan. Unlike previous MSW studies focusing only economic benefits, the life cycle impacts of MSW treatment on environment are further considered in this study. Multi objective linear programming (MOLP), which belongs to the category of deterministic models and suitable for decision making under environments with precise information, will be used in this study to find the minimum operation cost of MSWM conforming to constraints including allowable emissions of air pollutions, water pollutions and greenhouse gases. On the other hand, the stochastic model, fuzzy grey multi objective linear programming (FGMOLP) for decision making under uncertainty will also be developed to evaluate the trade off of economic and environmental impacts between different MSWM scenarios. The real world data of the 6 municipalities in mid-Taiwan area will be used as a case study.
其他識別: NSC99-2221-E005-035-MY3
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