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標題: 使用階層式調變合作通訊系統於可加性白高斯雜訊通道及瑞利衰退通道之效能分析
Performance Analysis of Cooperative Communication Systems with Hierarchical Modulation over AWGN Channel and Rayleigh Fading Channels
作者: 簡建豪
Chien, Chien-Hao
關鍵字: BER;位元錯誤率;SER;AWGN;Rayleigh fading channel;hierarchical modulation;cooperative communication system.;符號錯誤率;可加性白高斯雜訊通道;瑞利衰退通道;階層式調變;合作通訊系統.
出版社: 通訊工程研究所
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隨著科技的進步,多媒體服務的品質更是重要,為了達到可靠的傳輸品質,我們採取階層式調變機制去傳輸多媒體資訊。階層式調變技術提供了不同階層的保護來確保傳輸訊號的品質,而不同階層的維護則是根據訊號的重要程度來分配的。在本篇論文裡,我們對於解調後轉傳合作通訊系統於無線環境提出錯誤率效能分析。對於使用階層式調變合作通訊系統於可加性白高斯雜訊通道及瑞利衰退通道,我們提供了明確的位元錯誤率和符號錯誤率之公式推導。我們已知錯誤率可表示為距離參數的函數,根據這樣的關係,我們提出一個選擇最佳距離參數的準則,使得次重要之位元的位元錯誤率為最小並且同時保證極重要位元之位元錯誤率符合需求。此外,我們針對使用階層式調變合作通訊系統於瑞利衰退通道提出一個解調機制,此解調機制稱為雙階層4-QAM 解調器。根據此提出的解調機制,我們也計算出符號錯誤率。最後,我們使用電腦模擬去證實位元錯誤率和符號錯誤率的理論分析。另外,我們討論在不同的轉傳策略下,雙階層4-QAM 解調器和ML偵測器之間的效能比較。


In this thesis, we present the performance analysis of the error rate for the cooperative communication system with demodulate-and-forward protocol in the wireless environment. The explicit formulations of bit error rate (BER) and symbol error rate (SER) are provided for the cooperative communication systems with hierarchical modulation over additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) and Rayleigh fading channels. It is known that the expression of BER is a function of distance parameters. Based on this relationship, a criterion is proposed to choose the optimal distance parameter for minimizing the BER of the least important bits while guaranteeing the required BER of the most important bits. Moreover, we propose a demodulation scheme for the cooperation communication with hierarchical modulation over Rayleigh fading channels, which is a two-level 4-quadrature amplitude modulation (4-QAM) demodulator. We also evaluate the SER according to this proposed demodulation scheme. Finally, the computer simulation is conducted to confirm the theoretical BER and SER analysis. In addition, we discuss the comparison of the performance between the two-level 4-QAM demodulator and maximum likelihood (ML) detector in different forwarding strategies.

BER, SER, AWGN, Rayleigh fading channel, hierarchical modulation, cooperative communication system.
其他識別: U0005-0808200814313800
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