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標題: 多輸入多輸出正交分頻多工系統之通道估計法的改良
Improved channel estimation algorithms for MIMO OFDM systems
作者: 林孟毅
Lin, Meng-Yi
關鍵字: MIMO;多輸入多輸出;OFDM;channel estimation;正交分頻多工;通道估計
出版社: 通訊工程研究所
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無線傳輸系統的效能可以透過速率、範圍以及可靠性三種參數來描述。在多輸入多輸出技術(Multi-input Multi-output ; MIMO)出現之前,傳輸速率的增加必須犧牲範圍和可靠性;範圍的擴展則會犧牲速率和可靠性;而提高可靠性則必須降低速率和傳輸範圍。結合了MIMO和OFDM(Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing)的MIMO-OFDM系統顛覆了上述限制,因為它能同時提升上述三個參數的性能。然而,在MIMO-OFDM系統中的通道估計問題也變得更複雜,需要相當高的計算複雜度,而文獻上的簡化演算法往往會犧牲估計的準確性。在本論文中,我們比較了數種不同的多輸入多輸出正交分頻多工系統之通道估計法,並提出結合通道預測的改良式演算法,能夠大幅提升簡化演算法的估計準確度。

Multiple-input-multiple-output(MIMO)in combination with orthogonal frequency division multiplexing(OFDM)can be used to improve the efficiency of mobile wireless communication systems. Specifically, with MIMO-OFDM, the transmission rate and transmission range can be greatly enhanced at the same bit error rate condition. However, accurate channel parameter estimation will be needed in MIMO-OFDM systems for diversity combining, coherent detection and decoding, which is more complicated than channel estimation in SISO-OFDM systems. In this thesis, we will investigate existing algorithms for MIMO-OFDM channel estimation. Several reduced-complexity algorithms will be examined and we will propose methods to combat the performance degradation of these algorithms arising from some underlying assumptions.
其他識別: U0005-1108200815203800
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