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標題: Flavokawain B所引發大腸癌細胞生長抑制機制及tNOX 腫瘤蛋白功能之探討
Anti-Proliferative Effect of Flavokawain B and the Role of Tnox in Flavokawain B-Induced Apoptosis in Hct116 Cells
作者: 闕斌如
關鍵字: 食品科技;基礎研究
許多天然植物的萃取物被證實具有抑制癌症的功效,而其主要的機制,就是引發癌細胞的凋亡。我們在普來氏月桃中純化出的一個活化物,Flavokawain B,它具有抑制細胞生長的能力,尤其在大腸癌細胞株中效果更加明顯。由我們初步研究結果顯示,此活化物抑制大腸癌細胞生長的主要原因,是因為引發癌細胞的凋亡,但其細胞凋亡的分子機制並不清楚。另外一方面,我們所研究的腫瘤蛋白,tNOX,被證實存在於許多不同的癌細胞株,以及癌症病人的血清之中。當tNOX 蛋白被抑制時,癌細胞的生長也因而降低,並有著細胞凋亡的現象。我們的初步研究結果顯示,flavokawain B 引發大腸癌細胞的凋亡時,也伴隨著tNOX 腫瘤蛋白的降解。因為tNOX 蛋白與癌細胞生長有密切的關係,瞭解其蛋白降解的機制,或許可提供另一個癌症治療的方向。因此,我們希望在此計劃中能探討Flavokawain B 引發大腸癌細胞株凋亡的分子機制,並進一步研究tNOX 癌蛋白在此凋亡機制中所扮演的角色及其蛋白降解的機制。

Natural products have been utilized as novel compounds for the treatment of many diseases,including cancer. The most important actions of those compounds are their inhibition ofcancer cell growth and induction of apoptosis. We have purified flavokawain B, a novelchalcone, from Alpinia pricei Hayata that is identical to that from kava kava extracts. Aclosed related compound, flavokawain A, from kava extract has been shown to triggerapoptosis in bladder cancer cells. However, the action of cytotoxic effect of flavokawain Bfrom either plant remains obscure. tNOX, a tumor-associated protein, is highly correlatedwith growth of cancer cells and the inhibition of tNOX is associated with apoptosis induction.Our preliminary data indicates that flavokawain B inhibits viability of HCT116 cells byinducing apoptosis. Moreover, apoptosis induced by flavokawain B is associated with tNOXprotein degradation. Therefore, the purpose of this proposal is to assess flavokawain B'santi-proliferative effects in HCT116 cells and the role of tNOX in flavokawain B-inducedapoptosis. The understanding of the apoptotic mechanism mediated by flavokawain B isimportant in employing it as cancer prevention. In addition, the understanding of thedegradation mechanism of tNOX may help in designing alternative strategy for cancerinhibition.
其他識別: NSC97-2313-B005-016-MY3
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