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標題: 文心雕龍的形上思想及其在文學理論上的佈建與轉化
A Study of Metaphysical Thoughts in "The Literary Mind and the Carving of Dragons" and It's Design and Change in Literature Theory
作者: 尤雅姿 
關鍵字: 基礎研究;語文;劉勰 文心雕龍 文學理論 形上思想 原道
文學形上思想是《文心雕龍》文學理論體系中的核心建設,也是劉勰對中國文學批評理論的重要貢獻。本計畫擬從三個方向探索《文心雕龍》的形上思想及其在文學理論上的佈建與轉化。首先尋繹其思想構成的源頭,藉以掌握其觀念構成及轉化的震絡,這些經劉勰融會貫通的形上思想雖化整而成〈原道〉,但後世的文論家卻又以(原道)為中介,分散地擷取其所著重的觀點,因此,溯源及流變的研究方法,有助於理解中國文學批評的運動跡。其次探析形上思想在(原道)及全書的概念範疇,由宇宙本體而世界萬有,含天文地理、自然萬物、一切生靈及人,繼而由人演論人文,含文化現象、文字符號之肇生、文獻典籍與聖王事蹟之雙重結合等。第三:形上理論必然不會只為中國文論家所發現,其它時地及文化系統的文論家亦多有闡述,因此,本計畫亦擬從當代西方文論中的相關議頭作一比較會通之嘗試,例如亞里斯多德的「摹倣說」、現象學派杜夫潤(MikelDufrenne)在其《審美經驗現象學》中表現的形上理論、艾拉姆斯(M.H.Abrams)論及作品與宇宙的關係,卡西爾(Ernst Cassirer)視人類為文化符號創造者的符號美學等。這些理論和《文心雕龍》雖然存有文化差異,但它們並非必然不能相容,有些觀點應當是互通且可以相互發明。這個調和及比較的研究嘗試,希望能為《文心雕龍》作出視界融合的詮釋,以增益其時代新價值。

A study of Metaphysical thoughts in 「The Literary Mind and the Carving of Dragons」 and it』sdesign and change in literature theoryLiterature metaphysical thought is the core of theory system in 「The Literary Mind and theCarving of Dragons」 ,and also LiuHsie-the author has been importantly dedicated inChinese literature critical theory . Because Liu』s knowledge come from a widen source andhis attitude to literature theory was to make a compromise to incorporate knowledge ofdiverse field . so he explained the metaphysical thought by layer essay , stage diversion andconcerned translation , these efforts made the thought of book show a specialmulti-sympathy, this specialty is including Tao of Universe itself , Tao of worldwide nature,Tao of mankind activities and Tao of literature art.This project will discover the metaphysical thought of 「The literary Mind and the Carvingof Dragon」 as well as its design and charge from three directions. Firstly, Find the source ofthought structure in order to control its structure of concept and flow of change. Secondly,analyze the metaphysical thought in 「on Tao-The source」 as well as whole book for theconceptural Category. Thirdly, attend to compare the associate issue among modern westernthesis increase the value of Book in nowadays.
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