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標題: A Study of the Counter Culture Phenomina in Shi Shuo Hsin Yu
作者: 尤雅姿 
關鍵字: 基礎研究;Shih Shuo Shin Yu Counter-cultures Wei Jin South and North Dynasties;語文;世說新語反文化士階層任誕簡傲棲逸排調
The project aims to describe and comment the counter-culture activities ofancient Chinese scholars recorded in Shih Shuo Shin Yu in a new way based onthe theory of J.Milton Yinger.According to Yinger, culture is a series of codes and norms constructed tokeep society in order. Counter-cultures, as the name suggests, is the oppositionlaunched by a group of people who suffer from conventions and old culture whensociety is in disorder and conflicts. Outrageous and stunning behaviors,lectures and literature also grow with the movement. When counter-cultures growstrong enough to make society adjust it self, cultures will be blended andrefreshed. Hence, a society that can accept counter-cultures has morepotentials and vitality, just like the age of Shih Shuo Shin Yu.The research objects include the causes, types, strategies, political effectsand idle-talk trend in theories and debate of counter-cultures activities inWei Jin South and North Dynasties. Furthermore, the construction anddeconstruction caused by counter-cultures will also be discussed and analyzed.

本計畫以《世說新語》為研究對象,研究進路則從彌爾頓·英格(J.Milton Yinger)的「反文化理論」出發,擬重新評述、詮釋《世說新語》所載錄的士階層之反文化現象。依據英格的說法,文化是人類為達成某種社會秩序而設計的生活規範系列之總稱,「反文化」,顧名思義,它棄置且反對社會所主導的價值信仰及生活規範系列,通常形成於社會環境動盪和社會內部發生劇烈矛盾時,當社會中的一群人其生命活動因為既有的主文化規範而倍感箝制與痛苦時,傳統的主流價值信念將會遭到一連串的質疑與挑戰,所謂離經叛道的顛覆行為或驚世駭俗的學說論述也會應運而起,此時「反文化」生根發芽,當它們對主文化的批判力量匯聚增強到足以與之對抗時,終將迫使主流生活規範系列及信仰價值觀作出調節重整,主文化與反文化遂展開協調機制,文化的融合與更新於焉肇生。因此,一個能寬容接納反文化的時代與社會,必然蘊蓄著豐沛的文化活力,正如《世說新語》所描述的非常時代。本計畫擬重新評述、詮釋《世說新語》所載錄的士階層之反文化現象,論文將依次探究魏晉名士各種反文化活動的隱顯成因、正變類型、行為策略、政治效應以及形諸於清談的學理辯論,最後分析魏晉反文化現象所帶來的建設性與破壞性。
其他識別: NSC96-2411-H005-003
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