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標題: Study on Taiwanese Custom and System of Marriage during Japanese Colonial Period
作者: 韓碧琴 
關鍵字: 日治時期台灣婚俗婚姻制度婦女地位;Japanese colonial period;語文;基礎研究;Taiwanese marriage custom;Taiwanese maritalsystem;women's status
Study on Taiwanese custom and system of marriage during Japanese colonial periodConsiderable amount of researches relating to Taiwan subjectivity have beenconducted recently. However, the study on marriage custom and marital systemduring Japanese colonial period was rare. Researchers working on this area citedconsiderable amount of Japanese references resulting in significant biases and errorsdue to linguistic and cultural gap. The purposes of this study are to investigate thetransformation of the marriage custom and the marital system during Japanesecolonial period from every aspect and to analyze the women's status and rightrevealed from the custom.There are mistakes in the book “Taiwan Tung Shih”written by Lian Heng,because of the difficulty of document gathering at the time of publication. MostTaiwanese immigrated from Fuchien and Kuangtung provinces of mainland China.The custom and rites of the immigrant society may influenced by the local people.Therefore, the local historical documents, “Chuan Tai Shih”and the other relatedChinese articles will be reviewed thoroughly with Japanese books, journals, andnewspapers to reconstruct the marital system and the women's right during Japanesecolonial period. Field survey, interview with elderly residents and the methods ofsociology, anthropology and statistics will be applied to reach the purpose of thisstudy.

其他識別: NSC98-2410-H005-046
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