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標題: 自我、空間與他者的相互表述-以晚清單士釐(1856-1943)為中心
The Mutually Referential of Self, Space and Other- Shan Shili (1856-1943) For the Center of the Discussion
作者: 羅秀美 
關鍵字: 自我;self;語文;空間;他者;晚清文學;近代文學;女性文學;單士釐;基礎研究;space;other;late Qing dynasty literature;early modern literature;womenliterature;Shan Shili
The mutually referential of self, space and Other- Shan Shili (1856-1943) for the center of the discussion[abstract]The plan is intended to discuss the "self" and "space" and "other" issues between thepresentation, Discussion of selected case is the first woman to travel late Qingwriters Shan Shili . As the modern "knowledge of the first generation of women" asShan Shili's family history, therefore, to not only comfortable to read, and to exercisecreativity, and have some accomplishments in art. Located in traditional boudoir withthe new wave era of literature between the tradition of both writing poetry, verse, butalso shaking new pen, displaying all literary talent (such as: Travels writing). thus, theplan is intended to be Shan Shili for the exposition center with disabilities and todevelop two major issues to expand the exposition: "One, cultural space: Shan Shiliand hometown (Zhejiang Xiaoshan) the author's inter-related" "Two, the poeticspace: Shan Shili and female literary study "two parts. The former has to be dividedinto two sub-topics: "one, Shan Shili (1856-1943) literary performance: in order toQiu Jin (1877-1907) for frame of reference" and "two, Shan Shili's literary family: hermale family members and their literary expression. " Which in turn are intended to bediscussed by the two small issues: "First, poetess poetic: Shan Shili acceptance ofthe Qing Dynasty and dissemination of women's literature" and "Second, the lateQing and early Republican periods of women's literature: literary peers with ShanShili how to accept women's literature?. " Based on this plan to Shan Shili for theexposition center with disabilities in order to argue his "self" and "space" and "other"issues between the statements.

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